Bobbili fort | The war of paternal cousins leads to war of battle

October 11th, 2011| In India.

Bobbili fort

Bobbili is one of the Velma kingdoms in Andhra Pradesh. It is 60 km from vijayanagaram. These kings belong to the ‘padmanayaka Velma kingdom’. In 16th decade Sher Muhammad Khan, the Founder of the Nawab of Chic Cole granted the Rajam hunda to Pedda Rayudu in recognition of his services. As the result he took the rajam as gift. Later his son lingappa..  constructed the fort with the name of sher muhammad khan. With the name of ‘sher’ he named that fort as bebbuli (pedda puli)(big tiger). The name became Pebbuli and Bebbuli and in course of time it became Bobbili. Now bobbili is the capital.

 Later the cook fight between bobbili kings and vijaya ramaraju for the water lead to battle. Mean while the vijaya nagara kings and French kings became friends. There was a constant feud between the chief of Bobbili and the Raja of Vizianagram At this time general bussy took advantage and moved his steps to fight. Bussy with his army and the army of Viziarama Raju in tow marched towards the Bobbili fort. During  1757 january 23rd  peda vijayarama raju with the help of  11000 peons and sepoys and  250 men bearing arms 750 soliders and 4 war tanks he surrounded the ‘bobbiili fort’.  At that moment raja gopala rangaravu was staying with only 250 paternal cousins. As the situation came in to his view he decided to live or die and entered to war. With in one hour only he killed so many enemies. But Mean while vijayanagara soldiers blasted the walls of bobbili fort using weapons. Raja ragarav killed by Europeans. Even though tandrayapapa rayudu expected that vijayanagaram peons are attacking. When the news reached him, Tandra Paparayudu rushed to the demolished fort.

 Seething with vengeance he took an oath to kill Viziarama Raju. Tandra Paparayudu along with Devulapalli Peddanna and Buddaraju Venkaiah managed to reach the tent in which Viziarama Raju was sleeping. Seething with vengeance he took an oath to kill Viziarama Raju Paparayudu gained entry through the rear of the tent, while the other two stood guard at the entrance… stabbed him repeatedly in the chest.

After independence all properties are mixed and formed as an union territory. During 13th decade swetha chalapathi rangarav garu ruled as chief minister between 1932 to 1936. Present sujjay Krishna rangarav from same family was working as bobbili MLA. His brother kumara Krishna rangarav is working as head for social welfare. Like bobbili the vijayanagaram is also famous in scripts and social culture. Except pedavvijayarama raju join hand with French, vijayanagaram kings ruled very well. Finally pvg raju with communisms thoughts he entered into politics. His children are ex-mp poosapati anamda gajapati raju and present tdp mla ashok gajapathi raju. Finally he ended, while speaking ashok gajapati raju said lack of trust lead to battle of bobbili.

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