Why are bollywood heroines entering the film industry after completing their higher studies?

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Why are bollywood heroines entering the film industry after completing their higher studies?

Bollywood heroines
There are many people who think that the actors and actresses don’t study but this generation actors are very studious. There are many actors who are well studied and Tapsi who is the heroine of ‘jummandi nadam’ had done engineering. Amisha Patel who is going to act with Balakrishna in his next film had got the electronics degree from the Massachusetts University and she was gold medalist.

Education is important:
The teenage girls from Andhra won’t show interest towards acting in the movies and they are also interested in doing the professional courses like medicine and engineering. The north Indian girls are entering the colorful world after getting the degrees and Madhurima who entered telugu industry with the movie ‘A okadu’ had entered the film industry by doing law. She had completed law and entered her name into the bar council. Padmapriya who acted in ‘andhari bandhuvaya’ had done MBA in Bangalore. Amisha Patel had worked as financial analyst in the Morgan Stanley Company. Vega who acted in the ‘houseful’ and ‘happy happyga’ movies had done management degree. After that she joined in Mumbai theatre of arts and learnt acting. Priya Anand who acted as journalist in the movie ‘leader’ had really done the degree in the journalism. Meera Chopra who acted in the movies like ‘vana’ and ‘maro’ had done mass communications in America. She worked as journalist in NDTV for some days. The heroines who had done professional courses are very confident when they speak. Kamilini Mukhargee had done degree in English literature and Richa Gangopadya had done degree in food nutrition. They are telling that studies are the minimum necessity and they are very strong when they have the degree in their hands.

They all had entered into the colorful world with interest only. They are having the belief that they can get the jobs in multinational companies if they don’t have better offers. They also put the barriers for them and they act only in the roles which suit them. They are striving hard to settle in the film industry and the directors are telling that their work is easy with the educated heroines. Their opinion is that the educated heroines understand the character easily. They are also telling that the higher education is the reason for the heroines like Padmapriya to act in many languages and win awards. They are also having the dare to withstand the negative situations in film industry and they are confident that they can live the life even in the bad conditions. This confidence is due to the education and they are telling that there is no need to neglect the studies and enter the film industry.

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