BPO in India |Call centers in India

July 20th, 2010| Jobs.

BPO in India |Call centers in India

BPO- business process outsourcing is the common word that we hear in the business field. BPO is the process of transferring its non-core details to other country and obtaining its services in return for a less investment. It also called as IT enabled services. It is common that IT companies will think of using the new technology and they transfer their services to the place where investment is less. India has become the main BPO center as there are facilities like English speaking people, grip over computer, availability of human resources for less cost and quality of work.

BPO in India:

In 1990, India had gained general electric success through outsourcing. And so other countries also started their relations with India and now India had become a main outsourcing station due to its good quality of work and skilled human resources.

Call centers:

Call center is a service center and it provides services to other countries with the help of database, internet, voice calls and human resources with the help of internet. Calls center play a vital role in the fields like banking, production field, market research, pharmaceuticals, sales, emergency dispatch, credit collections, food services, hotel reservations etc.