BPO jobs in WIPRO… Selection process

July 20th, 2010| Jobs.

BPO jobs in WIPRO… Selection process

Wipro is one of top most BPO company in India and the details of the requirements to get the job in this company are given below.

How the colleges are selected for campus placements?

Colleges are selected based on teaching skills, facilities and results. Along with these if the college requirements matches with our requirements, then we will select the college for campus recruitments.

How will WIPRO recruit the people for BPO?

WIPRO will test the candidate skills in different fields and those who are selected in this are given training according to the company needs. Few members quit in the middle of the training and few are given the chance to improve 3 to 4 times. If they do not improve, they will be removed from the job. Now we are recruiting 10000 to 12000 members per year.

Can the candidate select the field in which he is interested?

The candidate should work according to the company requirements in the starting and after 18 months of service, the candidate can select he interested field.

How many jobs are there in WIPRO?

Wipro is providing its services for 45 countries across the world and 1,08,000 members are working.

What will be the future in BPO field?

India is growing fast in BPO field and our contribution in the world market is only 4%. There are good facilities for this field to improve in the future and the market will grow up to 4 times which will reach 6 billion dollars.

What is the nature of BPO job?

There are voice and non-voice fields in BPO and good communication skills are required for voice field. Those who work in non-voice field should have the knowledge in that field and they should have a grip over the regional language.

What are you expecting from a person in BPO field?

BPO field is giving importance to candidate’s education along with skills. In the case of qualification, 10+2 is sufficient. Candidate should also have communication skills, facing the challenges, doing more than one work at a time and should work in a team.

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