BSNL in Mobile Banking | BSNL Call centers in each state

December 22nd, 2012| Finance, News.

BSNL in Mobile Banking

Indian Mobile legend BSNL has joined with Indian postal department to make new possibilities in Money Order (MO). It is trying to make Mobile banking system in this regard. Specialty of this system is the transfer of money from any place to any place with a single SMS. Revolutionary changes have been reported in MO which functions similar to that of money transfer from other countries to ours. It is possible to transfer money even from the remote rural places of India with a single SMS. For this the company has prepared a solid mobile banking platform. The mobile banking system followed by BSNL is regarded as highly secured ones and the pilot project conducted in Chandigarh is also successful. But, Reserve Bank of India is more cautious about this simpler money transfer system because the transfer of black money is possible by this system. BSNL is preparing to introduce this system in step wise manner in accordance with the advices of RBI. BSNL is saying that this system ha already proved successful.

BSNL Call centers in each state

BSNL which is having a single call centre for the country is now setting up the call centers in every state. Soon BSNL call centers are going to be established in every state. From April onwards, BSNL call centers are about to start in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala serviced in their regional languages. BSNL is in search of new income sources in order to compensate the loss in the recent times. As a part of this, BSNL is entering mobile advertising field to have more income. Within two or three months BSNL is all set to get into mobile advertisement field, multimedia services along with location based services.