BSNL new plan ‘LAND LINE FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLAN’ with Cheap rate 10 paise/min Plan

November 2nd, 2009| Prices.

bsnlOn occasion of November 1, BSNL has launched the new plan / scheme for their land line customers. the BSNL new plan name is ‘LANDLINE FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLAN‘.� In this plan, the subscribers from Hyderabad and RR districts can 5 BSNL phone numbers with very less price. For these 5 BSNL numbers, the tariff charges will be 10 paise/min during 9PM-8AM. And it will be 20 paise/min during the period of 8AM-9PM.

For this, they have to pay Rs.50 per each phone number. That means, if you want register all 5 phone numbers, then you have to pay the amount of Rs.250 for this. And the tariff for other numbers and monthly rental will be as per their existing plan. That means, you have to pay extra amount for these 5 numbers to avail the special rates.

All are the gimmicks by the Telephone Operators only. Only few people will get benefit by this type of plans. Why because, it is limited to only small area, instead of whole state or whole country. And the limit is for 5 numbers only. And the numbers also must be in BSNL only. And the same numbers also should belong to those 2 districts only.

So,� few people will be there to make use it, as they have to pay extra registration amount also.