BTech courses in IIIT | Dual Degree Courses in IIIT

November 7th, 2012| Education.

BTech courses in IIIT | Dual Degree Courses in IIIT
The Rajiv Gandhi University decided to introduce various courses in BTech for IIIT branch. The changes that took place in the formation and admissions in the courses for the year 2010-2011 are as follows:
–The students who joined in IIIT for the year 2009-2010 are entering into BTech in the next year. Though it is planned to conduct BTech only in Information Technology IT during the period when the IIIT started, due to the changes that took place it became flexible. The students who wish to do only single course in BTech are eligible to join in ECE, civil and mechanical courses.
–Those who wish to do dual degree must have to do computer science in BTech and there are chances to do dual degree in civil, mechanical, electronics, material and chemical engineering subjects.
–There is chance even to do minor subjects like business management, statistics and economics without having dual degree. This is called as BTech with minor subjects rather than dual degree. A letter is to be given by the students before issuing the courses.
–The students are issued grades based on the score they secured in Intermediate. The same recognition which is there for the mark list that is issued by the inter board is there for the certificate that is given by the University.