Buttermilk in summer | How the Butter milk control Sun stroke, Indigestion, Obesity?

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Buttermilk in summer | How the Butter milk control Sun stroke, Indigestion, Obesity?

Buttermilk is the natural juice without any harmful ingredients which contains high number of Proteins, Vitamins and Iron contents. Even the content of Calcium is available in more number which helps the human body in getting energy. If Butter milk is consumed by small children then there bone formation increases drastically. This is also useful to cure the Austioporosis in the aged persons. Due to the chemical reaction between some useful bacteria’s in the milk the Lactose turns into Lactic acid which leads the conversion of Milk to Curd that further converts from Curd to Butter Milk. So whatever the proteins are available in the Milk are available even in the curd as well as in Buttermilk. By consuming Buttermilk we can feel the coolness in our body apart from the Proteins. With the consuming a glass of Buttermilk daily during summer controls thirst.

Advantages with Buttermilk
The problem of piles is not seen in the people who take buttermilk daily. By taking buttermilk with salt controls the urinary problems very effectively.

Butter milk for sun stroke
Buttermilk cools the body. By taking a glass of buttermilk mixed with salt and sugar and taking two to three hours a day gives relief from the sun stroke. During the summer season the water quantity in our body is released out in the form of sweat and during that time the person feels thirst. At that stage consuming buttermilk not only controls the thirst but also protects the body from the problem of dehydration. Buttermilk is the best medicine for control vomiting during summer season.

Butter milk for Indigestion
By taking the mixture of buttermilk which contains Curry leafs and Ginger paste controls the problem of indigestion. By adding a little bit of salt to this drink works more effectively for controlling indigestion. By taking this buttermilk by the people who are suffering from the problem of Vomiting and Motions can get relief from these problems. The buttermilk helps in increasing the formation of good bacteria in the intestines and helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system. By mixing a pinch of turmeric in a glass of buttermilk avoids many infections in the intestines.

The buttermilk contains Potassium and Vitamin B12. By taking a glass of buttermilk the bones and teeth becomes strong. The buttermilk controls the problem of osteoporosis in the ladies and improves the resistance power in the body.

Butter milk for obesity
Buttermilk contains one of the features called reducing the body. By taking the buttermilk which is mixed with salt, curry leaves, ginger and green chili paste controls the body weight in a few days and it is scientifically proved. The buttermilk destroys the cholesterol and harmful triglycerides in the body and also controls the bad cholesterol which causes the heart attack.

The uses of buttermilk are many in number it is used in cooking food which increases the taste and is also used in preparing biscuits and cakes preparation.

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