Buy 65 lakhs 2 seater aeroplane |Cheapest Personnel flight price @95L

March 9th, 2010| News.

Small aero plane for just Rs. 65 lakhs!
Two seated small aero plane is made available for Rs. 65 lakhs. This metal air plane is being exhibited in the air show conducted in Begumpet airport. Though it is sold at Rs. 65 lakhs for flying clubs, Rs. 95 lakhs has to be spent for personal use. Added taxes are the cause for this difference. Along with the aviation gas, it works on the unleaded petrol used in motorcycles also.

Sale of 10 air planes:
CTLS, a flight designing company belonging to Germany has designed this plane. All spare parts are made in Ukraine. According to Carver Aviation company, which markets this plane, this plane is brought to India six months back itself. Till now 10 planes are sold. This company itself will after the licenses from government and all other formalities. This plane is useful for commercial usage and for travelling less than 500 kilometers.

Parachute for total plane:
Though it is a low cost air plane, there is no compromise in the facilities present in it. Digital system known as glass cockpit as well as GPS, Auto pilot technologies are granted in this plane. There is a special arrangement for photography. There is parachute facility for total air plane. It flies at a speed of 240 kms per hour. It can be landed on run way as well as on road. Fuel capacity of tank is 130 litres. Once filled, it can travel for seven hours uninterruptedly.

Technical Specifications:
* Engine: Rotex 912 ULS, 100 HP @ 5800 RPM, 2, 000 hours TBO, slipper cluth, 1352 CC.
* Advanced tri-blade composite propeller
* Cabinet size: 1.24 meters
* People of height 5.1 to 6.6 feet can sit comfortably.

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