Where should we buy a land in Hyderabad, to sell it for profits? | Is it better to buy a plot or flat?

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Where should we buy a land in Hyderabad, to sell it for profits? | Is it better to buy a plot or flat?


The plots will be more profitable than the flats in the future and it is not the same always. The rates in the Madhapur had increased suddenly as the IT companies had grown in this area. No one had thought that the rates of the plots in that area would increase in this range. The people who bought the plots and flats in the installments got good amounts in the present day.

  • Even though the area is very far from the city, the facilities my increase as there is an opportunity for the establishment of companies which provide the jobs. The rates of the plots may increase their value in the future. If the same plots are constructed in the city, the rates may not increase as the area is already developed. If we buy a flat, we will have the satisfaction of having an own house and we can get the income in the form of rent.

Decrease is less:

There is a chance of increase in the rates of plots and flats in the areas where the development is done in a proper way than the plots and flats in the area where there is boom. If the situations are not the same in the area, then the rates of the flats will decrease than the plots. For example, the rates of the flats decreased in the Miyapur area but the plots rates are same in 2009. The rate of the one square area was Rs.2700 in 2009 but it decreased to Rs.1800-2200 in the present day. The rates of the plots had decreased in the three years in all areas except the areas near the Shamshabad airport.

No problems:

The investors will have a tension whether the builder will hand over the flats at the correct time or not. There are many reasons as there is recession problem and the builders are not completing the projects in time. The projects are taking more than 6 months to one year to complete than the given time. There are many cases where the flats are started in 2006 but are not completed.

It is not the case in the plots, they just develop the area and sell them to the buyers. The buyer should regularize the land for getting the permission of the government.

Investment is less:

There won’t be much extra expenditure if we buy the plots. We need to fence the area and clean the area a little to hand over it to the buyers. In the case of flats, we should pay the maintenance every month and we should change the house and paints every year. In the case of plots, these problems are not there.

When it is not correct?

It is a costly issue to buy the land in the developing areas and developed areas. And it is also costly matter to buy the land and built a house there as we need to pay for the land and house also.

  • It is not enough to buy the land, we should also protect it and the people may create fake documents and take the loan on the land. There is nothing to be surprised when unknown people sell our land to someone else. So we should protect them carefully until the houses are built.
  • In the case of flats, no one will occupy those as they are the place we stay there.
  • We won’t get monthly income if we buy a site and if we buy a flat, we can get the monthly rent which will reduce the stress in paying the amount to the bank as interest. If the people are living the flat in which they bought, it would reduce the rents and the rents will always increase and they won’t decrease. We can’t expect any income from the plots.


Many people will have the doubts about where to buy the plots and where will it be developed. We should buy the plots at a distance of 10 kilometers from the place we are living in. the area will take long time to be developed and those who can wait can buy the plot at that areas. Few people had increased the rates at present but they are decreased as there is recession and local politics. They are now available for the people to buy them.

  • It is very important to buy the land for correct price at correct time. There is a chance of increase in the price at those areas.
  • There are people who sell the plots which are in the bio conservation restrictions, so we should take care about those lands before buying them. We should check the layout before buying the plot and know to which area the land belongs. We should also know whether the land conversion is done or not.
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