Cabtop…All in one is this specialty | Better than PC and less than Laptop

Cabtop…All in one is this specialty | Better than PC and less than Laptop

Almost all the topics and matter is there even in the cabtop.  There is no need of a special tuner to watch the TV with this and there is a facility to take the DTH connection. The music system is connected to this and there is no need to switch in the PC to watch the TV. When compared to the other gadgets the heat that is produced fro this is less. Though there are such specialties, the idea of cabtop had came in the mind of Ms. Madhavi and got the encouragement of 5lakhs. She started the industry under the name Seam Lace, and gave the final picture for the cabtop.

All is ok and the idea had become computer. The price of the cabtop is Rs.25,000 and for the protection of the cabtop, it is surrounded with iron sheets. Just because of this, the weight had increased to 11kg. the weight will be decreased if the plastic is used but it needs special items. To get those items and to market the cabtop in the market, it needs around one crore. The banks are not showing interest in giving the loans and they are saying that, first introduce the computer in the market then we give the loan. She had asked the help of the donors to give financial support through media and the contact details of madhavi are 09441086104 or 09611896089 (Bangalore).

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