Cairn Engineering record – World’s longest heated insulated pipeline

May 21st, 2013| News.

Cairn Engineering record – World’s longest heated insulated pipeline

For supplying crude oil, Cairn India Company is going to dedicate world’s longest heated insulated pipeline project to the nation in June 2010. This ‘Mangala Development Pipeline Project’ of Cairn starts at Barmer of Rajasthan and ends at Nalaya of Gujarat and is to be recorded as an engineering record. It is the longest of its kind with 670 kilometers of length. Earlier, longest pipeline of this kind is present in Russia (160 kms) and the next one in Indonesia (115 kms). In order to have the same temperature across the length of the pipe, 1,250 KVA gas engine generator is arranged for every 18 kilometers.

Pipe highlights

  • World’s longest continuous heated insulated pipeline
  • Pipe travels two states and 250 villages with 670 kms of length
  • 35 Heating stations are arranged across the length for continuous heating

Pipeline features

  • Along with 24” crude oil pipeline, 8” gas pipeline arranged at 1.25 depth
  • Continuously heated oil pipeline. One heating station for every 18 kms.
  • Arrangements to prevent the temperature of crude oil falling down below 650 C.
  • Oil supply at high pressure
  • Accident free pipeline
  • There is no difficulty for agriculture and agricultural lands because of this pipeline.

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