CDSE Preparation of Basic English, Mathematics and General knowledge

October 28th, 2010| Education.

CDSE Preparation of Basic English, Mathematics and General knowledge

The CDS exam is conducted two times a year and the exam is conducted on February 13th, 2011. Most of the people appearing for CDS exam think that it is very easy and there is no need of more preparation. This is becoming the main reason for the failure of many candidates. CDS exam is like passport to the Indian military academy (IMA) and officers training academy (OTA). Those who are getting prepared for IMA should have grip on English, general knowledge and mathematics. For the OTA candidates, mathematics is not very important. Candidates preparing for the CDS exam should know the syllabus and important concepts to be concentrated.

Basic English:
The question paper will be in such a way to test the basic skills in English language.

  • Candidates can get the basic knowledge in English and they can know the usage of words and verbs by reading the newspapers and magazines regularly.
  • People who are not having the habit of reading newspaper should write the English tests.
  • They should concentrate on the prepositions and functions in grammar.
  • By practicing new paragraphs and passages, they can increase their speed in reading and writing.

The mathematics paper will be in tenth standard level and they should concentrate on arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry and statistics.

  • It is better to solve the previous year’s papers and they can now the level of the questions by solving these papers.
  • By practicing for more time, they can get grip on the subject and their speed increases.
  • People those who don’t study mathematics in the college level should study the tenth standard mathematics. These people should work hard than others.

General knowledge:
Candidates should study the advancements and current affairs in the general knowledge category.

  • They should study the issues in the paper daily and they should prepare notes on it.
  • If they read the newspapers from three months before the exam, they can get good knowledge in this category.
  • It is enough for them to study about the issues which happened in India and there is no need to study about the issues which happened in other countries.
  • They should concentrate on the national affairs and they should not waste time by reading other issues.
  • Newspapers and magazines should be read daily and they should concentrate on the Indian economy, Indian politics and social issues.
  • If they write the notes in these issues, it will be helpful at the last moment.
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