CDSE Training | What Jobs we will get after completion of training in Combined Defense Services?

February 7th, 2010| Jobs.

The candidates who cleared all the tests like written test, interview, physical fitness, and all the medical tests will be placed in any department based on the merit score. The institutions like the Indian Military Academy of Dehradun, Naval Academy of Goa, Air Force Academy of Hyderabad, Officers Training Academy of Chennai offer training to those candidates and the training will be in those standards which are specified and particular. Almost all the needed information and training is given for the candidates that is needed for the security forces in the training and the training period in the army, naval and air force is 18 months and if it is in case of the OTI candidates the training is 11 months. The training program includes trekking; jumping, skipping, rifle shooting and targeting the enemy are learnt in the training program. The candidate’s skills and talents are brought out by this training and are taken to different places during the training period. As the training will be tuff the candidate must have will power and confidence in himself because it is on this training the future depends. It is through this training the all round development is possible and it is very important to take care of the health and regular exercise is advisable and the inner strengths of the candidates are brought to light by this training program.

What Jobs we will get after completion of training in Combined Defense Services?

The candidates who successfully completed the training are placed in the job and the career starts with the posts of Lieutenant in Indian Army, Sub Lieutenant in Navy, Flying officer in Air force where these three posts are of same category with equal responsibilities. Uniform brings extra attractiveness for the job and the issues that are learnt in the training period are to be into practice in the job. It is very important to walk without bending our head and shoulders and there are no timings just as the offices had but there is an eye on the working of the candidates for 24/7 a year. There is a systematic life in this field where waking up early in the morning and doing exercise with full discipline. One has to work in a group and sometimes they had to work by running and had to follow the orders and commands of the higher officials during the period of training and job.

Negative Aspects with CDSE

It is not possible to work anywhere as we like in this job and one has to work in any place on any time according to the order and command and it may be hill stations, or anywhere in the country. There are some situations like moving away from the family and transfers often and so on happen but the only thing is “adjustment and seeking enjoyment and pleasure in the job”.

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