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September 27th, 2009| News.
Life on Moon

Life on Moon

As per the information supplied by Chandrayan -1, it is confirmed the water is available on moon. With availability of water what benefits will be received by mankind?

At first instance the mankind chronic desire to live on moon will be fulfilled. Water is available on moon; hence the man can start his life on moon. To continue his life on moon fuel is required.  If the (H2) is separated from water the oxygen will come out and the same is useful for respiration and Hydrogen will be used as Fuel. With the launching of Chandrayan on moon there is an important aim can be achieved that ‘from moon we can reach other planets easily’.

Before 2020, the America wants to arrange a house on moon. On this line the America is planning with determination.

Further they want to reach the Mars planet (Angaraka Graham). Other countries space scientists are also working on this aim. In view of availability of water on moon, all kinds of plans will be successful. To reach Mars planet the space ship should travel in space for 6 months. For its long journey, carrying of fuel from the earth is not possible and it   involves huge expenditure.

If the fuel is made available at moon station, space travel to Mars planet is possible.  Success on these targets is very difficult. The water available on surface of Moon and in the areas of poles should be sufficient for their planning. The collected water from those places should be processed for separation. No doubt all trails will be on this direction only.

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