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March 22nd, 2010| News, Prices.

Single Carrot Gold Ornaments
There is no fashion without ornaments. Gold ornaments have their own style. But, because of the high prices of gold, a common man cannot buy it these days. As an alternative to this, one gram gold has created a trend in the market. It is now turned into single carrot gold Jewelry. Let us see its specialties.

Duplicate gold was the alternative choice for those who can’t buy the original gold. But they don’t be as stylish as original ones. Hence, one gram gold has hit the market and got good response. Now it is the turn of single carrot gold jewelry. Ornaments made of silver and copper are coated with one gram gold. That is one gram gold jewelry. That one gram gold is 24 carrots gold. But now 1 carrot gold is used in making novel jewelry. They are named as single carrot gold jewelry.

Just as all the original gold ornaments, all varieties of ornaments are available in the single carrot gold also. Ear rings, bangles, papita billas, chains, etc are all available in this type of gold. In the scenario of the increase in the rate of the original gold and it being not in the reach of the common man, there is an increasing craze for the single carrot gold which has come into the market as an alternative to the original gold. The rate of this gold is very less when compared to the 24 carrots gold. The prices vary according to the designs. The quality is also less but it can be used for more period when some precautions are taken. This single carrot gold is imported from Mumbai which is the care of address of fashion in India.

Single line diamond Jwellery
The well to do people i.e. the upper middle class category who can afford the original gold can with a little more amount get the diamond ornaments. Gem and Jewellery export promotion council, G and J, have introduced the single line diamond jewellery by name ‘Anant’ in collaboration with more than 100 retailers like remo tinto, gold sack, IGI, tanishq, reliance etc. There are necklaces, ear rings, bangles made of single line designs in these collections. The diamonds studded on white gold, plethora design cuts are some of the specialties of these collections. The sales of the gold ornaments are comparatively less than in the past. These collections are a good choice to attract the customers. 20% of sales are increased in the first 5 months after the release of the collections. This is expected to increase by 30% more by the next year. The ‘Nirvana’ collection, which has a special place in the diamond market, is also offering such special collections. These stores are at all the reputed shopping malls.

Drafts Jwellery
There is an increasing interest of every one along with youth in the up date fashion. Many wish for the suitable ornaments that match with their dress color. It is not possible to make ornaments matching for every dress. Hence alternatives with less expense are searched. That is the reason that the sale of one gram gold, one carot gold, single line diamond jewelry are increasing as hot cakes. Semi precious stones with single line gold on it are being introduced in the market named as Drafts. These are imported from Mumbai and are comparatively less in cost. Many designs are available in these collections ranging from 100 to 500 rupees.