Child labor problem in India-Eradication of child labor in India

December 16th, 2011| News.

Child labor in India

 Child labor in India

Child labor in India is a very grave problem. Because of poverty, children are made to begin working from a very young age. India is the second highest country which is having child labors in the world after Africa. Children below 14 years of age are working in various industries which is affecting their innocence, childhood, health and of course their lives.

Labor activities involving children: Many children are working as bonded labor though it is illegal. Most of these children work as domestic servants while few other bonded child labors are working in various other industries. Agriculture sector has more than 80% child labor. The children are forced work for the moneylenders from which the parents have taken loans and cannot return the money. Few children will be made to beg on the streets, sell flowers or other items on the streets. Glass factories and bangle industries hire child labor and these children have to suffer from excessive heat at the work place. Matchbox factories also hire children and most of them are below 14 years of age. These child labors work for more than 12 hours a day. Carpet, Brass and Lock industries are other industries that employ children.

Causes of child labor

Number of Child labor in India for that matter in any country is increasing. This is not a problem confined to just India but many developing or developed countries are also facing the problem, though the number may be less when compared.

  • One of the main causes for child labor in India is poverty. Poor families consider children as an additional income source. Poor parents also sell their children as commodities and take money and the children end up working as domestic servants or agriculture workers.
  • Traditional business families expect their children to help them in the family business from a young age. They prefer putting the children in to business rather than sending them to school.
  • Child abuse is the main reason for making the girl child a child labor.
  • Poor parent who cannot buy education for their children send them to work. Employers hire children just because they are innocent and easy to exploit.

Effects of child labor

Child labor in India 1

The problem of child labor in India can be attributed to many reasons. Children are forced to work in factories, mining, agriculture, as domestic helpers or on streets. This practice is affecting the physical and mental health of the children and these children are deprived from education and development. Unsafe environment where these children are made to work are causing severe health problems to them. Toxics, chemicals, noise, pollution, heat etc at the working place are causing children to develop health complication that will stay for lifelong. Children who are working become mentally and emotionally mature and lose their innocence fast. A nation which is having a large number of its future citizens suffering like this cannot prosper. Not only the government but every citizen of India should feel it a responsibility to help eradicate the problem of child labor.

Child labor laws in India

Government of India is trying to take steps to eradicate child labor in India. The government has long back introduced a law which states that taking children below 14 for employment is illegal. But there are practical difficulties in implementing the law. There are many loop holes in the law and people take advantage of these loopholes. Domestic work and agriculture sector are not included in the law which states child labor is illegal. Even though there are many laws and codes, these are violated as no state government or for that matter central government do not serious try to enforce these laws and take action against those who violate the law. Government should also should take proper care and try to provide education to these children and introduce employment opportunities for their parents to eradicate the problem. When enforcement of laws is not possible, making of laws and policies to eradicate child labor in India prove to be useless.

Eradication of child labor

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India is trying to become one of the most important countries of world economy but it is suffering from the problem of child labor.

  • One of the main reasons for child labor in India is poverty. Parents push their children to work for money. If job opportunities for adults increase, number of child labor may decrease.
  • Lack of education facilities is another reason for child labor in India. Parents who cannot send their children to schools are making them as child labor. Government should try to set up schools in which free education can be given to these children. Charitable organizations also should help them.
  • Government should strictly implement the child labor laws. Punishments like life imprisonment or cancelling industry license etc should be given to people who violate child labor laws.

Awareness among people should be increased about the consequences of child labor. Each citizen of India should feel responsible and try to help eradicate the menace of child labor in India.

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