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March 16th, 2010| Education, News.

Christian Medical College- CMC, Vellore Fee Structure

  • Yearly tuition fee- Rs. 3, 000
  • Other fee (room rent, medical and yearly establishment) – Rs. 15, 000
  • One time fee (inclusive of alumini association fee) – Rs. 1800
  • One time fee payable to the university (registration, administrative fee, sports, library fee)- Rs. 10, 475

Initiated by Sophia Scudder….

Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder has played an important role in the establishment of Christian Medical College and teaching hospital associated with it. She is the daughter of a medical Christian missionary. She had grown up at America only. At teenage, she came to India to meet her parents who were serving the poor around the region of Vellore. She witnessed the death of three pregnant ladies due to lack of sufficient medical facilities.

After returning to America, Sophia got trained in Medicine. She took specialization of Obstetrics and gynecology.  She came to India and started providing medical services to the ladies in a room in her father’s bungalow in 1900. Soon the number of patients had increased. The facilities are needed to be improved. With the help of donors, she has established a 40 bedded Mary Taber Satchel Hospital in 1902. By 1924, the hospital was shifted to the present premises in Vellore. Soon the hospital was improved to 267 bedded ones. The same is now improved to 2200 bedded hospital. Everyday 4800 people come here and get the treatment. Number of in-patients are additional. Clinical services are provided in different branches like eye hospital, mental health centre, Nambikkai nilayam (centre for children with mental retardation), Navajeeva nilayam (Rehabilitation centre for patients with leprosy), rehabilitation centre for physically disabled (intended to serve to physically challenged persons for long period of time), low-cost effective unit and others.

Courses offered by CMC: Along with the degree courses in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, laboratory technology, medical records services, 11 different kinds of post graduation medical diploma courses, 22 post  graduation degree courses, 13 super specialty courses and some other courses in health sciences are offered by CMC. Educational and research programs which help the society are also conducted by CMC.

When Doctor Scudder established college for women in 1918, it offered licentiate diploma. After improving it into the college, MBBS course is offered for 25 numbers of students.  Men are admitted into this college for the first time in 1947. Complete association with University of Madras is established in 1950. Yearly 50 students were admitted from 1950. Men and women were equal in number. This number is increased to 60 in 1964. It got associated with the newly formed MGR University of Health Sciences in 1988. NAAC which works associated with UGC has rated this university with five stars in 2001.

CMC Training: Students are given training so that they can give good quality service in their region. Hence, Christian institutions across India are utilizing this opportunity. For this purpose, they permit to use hospital in their region. By this, CMC stands first in updating the standards of education. Also the students trained here stand first to serve the patients as required. Students are trained in this manner only. Students who join here have the facility of knowing the utilization of new advancements in Medical field at the same time inculcating the service oriented attitude. As a result, students will never lag behind in serving the community.

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