Civil Services Aptitude Test(CSAT) instead of Civils Preliminary test

September 13th, 2010| Education.

Civil Services Aptitude Test(CSAT)  instead of Civils Preliminary test

Many people are appreciating the suggestion that aptitude test should be conducted in the place of Prelims in Civil Services exams.  Changes are going to come in Civil Services exams from 2011.  Aptitude of the candidate will be tested instead of subject knowledge in preliminary section.  Government had approved the suggestion to conduct a Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) in the place of Civil Services (Preliminary) exam.  Candidates used to select an option from the 23 optional subjects till now.  But now there would be a common aptitude paper for all the candidates.

The government will release a notification regarding the changes, new exam pattern and syllabus of Civil Service Aptitude Test.  Earlier candidates have to write General studies paper and an optional subject in Cavils Preliminary exam.  Now, what about the General Studies paper? Since there is no information about the change in the General Studies paper, assumptions could be made that there is status quo in this regard, according to some coaching experts.  Some say that if the General Studies paper continues like this it would be a wonder.

One more important thing about the exam is that the morals and ethical of the candidates are tested for selection of Civil Services.  How can these be estimated through competitive tests?  It is very difficult to frame questions to evaluate morals and ethicals of the candidates in a written test.  So some experts feel that evaluation should be made at the time of interview.

There are many numbers of experts to evaluate the morals and ethicals of the candidates in India. But most of the coaching experts are agreeing for the Aptitude test.  The main objective of the change is that all the candidates applying for a notification of a job should have a same test.  ‘Common level playing field’ means equal chance for everybody.

All the aspirants should think like a civil servant from the preparation stage.  They should behave like administrators.  The method which is followed till now was favourable to students of some subjects and unfavourable to few students.  Situations may change with the introduction of Aptitude Test.