Changes in the Civils exam conducted by UPSC | Preliminary exam changes

December 12th, 2010| Education.

Changes in the Civils exam conducted by UPSC | Preliminary exam changes

Civil services are like backbone for the administration in the country from the time of British rule. Civil servants who are selected through Union public civil services are respected and honored everywhere. The educated youth are easily attracted to these services with the recognization and facilities they get in the job. Due to these reasons nearly 4 lakh people are attempting this exam. As the time passed, there are many changes in the exam pattern and in the context of marks also, changes had taken place. Mainly the effect of globalization, recession, private investments and corporate companies had been on government jobs also. There is a need to have the qualities like communication skills, understanding abilities, capacity to solve the problems, working towards the goal etc for the government employees also. Changes had been made in the examination to test the skills of the candidate in various categories like development, environment, social awareness, decision making, imagination skills and other issues. The pattern after making changes in the examination:

Preliminary exam changes:
The preliminary exam which is going to be held in 2011 is changed and there won’t be optional paper in the preliminary exam. All the candidates should write the two papers which are given by UPSC. UPSC did not decide the names of the papers even though it had declared that there will be two papers.

Paper 1 – General studies

Paper 2 – General Mental Ability (there will be comprehension, reasoning, language, inter personal communication skills etc)