Clean Tech in IIT Kharagpur

October 27th, 2012| Education.

Clean Tech in IIT Kharagpur

* What is the summit that is conducted by the IIT of Kharagpur?
IIT Kharagpur is conducting Global Entrepreneurship under the theme of Clean Tech.

* When is the summit been conducted?
The summit is been conducted from January 15 to 17 based on the clean tech technology.

* From how many years these kinds of summits are conducted?
These kinds of summits are conducted from since three years.

* Who can participate in this summit?
The students, young entrepreneurs, corporate, VCs and academicians can participate in this summit.

* What are the contact details and website address of the institution?
For further information and details contact + 91 9933777081 and can also log in t to the website address www. esummit.ece// and