Clothes should be worn according to the season | Different trends in the clothes which should be worn by college girls

January 21st, 2011| In India.

Clothes should be worn according to the season | Different trends in the clothes which should be worn by college girls
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Girls used to attend the colleges and universities with half length shirts and full length jeans. As the winter season came, the trend had changed. Girls are wearing the trendy traditional clothes. Sleeveless shirts, half sleeve kurthas, jeans or skin tights were the trends worn by the girls.  Now they are wearing the full size clothes which are stored in the wardrobe. There had been change in the look of the girls suddenly. Few others are using the thin scarves and covering their body over the clothes. As there are engineering and pharmacy exams, girls are not having the time to get ready. They are telling that full length clothes are good to protect themselves from cold in the winter season. They are buying traditional clothes as this is the festive season. College going girls are wearing tunics which are covering the body and they are liking the clothes which are sticky to the skin. They are not kurthas and they will be similar to shirts. Tops which are having V shaped collar and round neck tops without collar are worn more. Wearing jackets on the tops is the modern trend and they are also protecting themselves from cold in the winter. By wearing the jacket above jeans, girls will look gorgeous. Most of the college going girls are following this trend. In the evenings, short length clothes are only worn.

Trendy clothes for the season:

Experts are telling that wearing the clothes according to the season is good and girls can follow the following trends in winter.

  • It is better to use chunni on the kurthas. They protect themselves from the cold in the campus and they will be warm.
  • Girls who are going to offices and colleges on vehicles should cover their hands with gloves and face with wool clothes. They will protect the skin from pollution.
  • Chunnis will be trendy on any type of jacket and so it is better to buy 4 to 5 chunnis in the winter season.
  • All the girls are wearing jeans and it will be good to see if they wear full length jeans which will cover the legs. They will keep the body warm also.
  • By wearing the T-shirts on jeans and jacket over them, it would be warm. If it is hotter, girls can wear chunnis.

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