College Gals latest dressing trends

July 23rd, 2010| In India.

College Gals latest dressing trends

With the reopening of colleges, girls are ready to experiment with different styles, designs and fashions.  Introduction of campus styles is the following narration.


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Jeans are changing with the times and acquiring a new look and are the hot favorites of the girls. T-Shirts, denim skirts, three fourth pants with embroidery work and tears in them are the new attractions.  Fashions are the variety of life in the rainy reason.  T-shirts on jeans, with animal prints, famous person’s photos, and funny, catchy one liner  are the new trends.  Jackets with juju pictures printed and jackets designed with a knot at the waist are the new trends.

Netted fashions


Netted fashions are super hit with the college going girls, which are transparent at shoulder, neck and waist.  Netted designs at the hands of churidards, necks of t-shirts are hot with the college going girls. Blouses with netted cloth at the back are becoming a fashion.  This trend is fast catching up.

Harem pants


Students who want to spend time happily are going for these harem pants.  These pants look like a balloon from waist to ankle. Very comfortable and can be worn to look traditional as well as modern.  Can be worn with both kurthas  or t-shirts and tops.  Scarf gives a better look.  Apt  for fresher parties.

Cat Suits


Active and smart college girls are attracted to these cat suits. Cat suits make the wearer look slim.  Sleeveless tops, a big belt are worn for a rough look.  This is the new fashion trend in Mumbai, Delhi as well as in Hyderabad.  One should be careful while selecting the colors.  Black and red are the in colors.

Polka dots

Gowns with  floral  and Polka dots

Knee length gowns in light material are the new favorites of girls.  Pastel shades are their choice.  Frocks on leggings is fast catching up.  Tunics on three fourth pants is the trend.  Gowns with  floral  and Polka dots  designs are mesmerizing.

Beauty in abundance

Good accessories associated with new fashion clothes make one look good.

Ear rings, studs, tops should be big.

Squash in the neck k with colorful beads and stones look good on traditional as well as modern dresses.  Instead of gold ornaments go for heavy chain made of beads and shells.

Big spectacles are a treat to the eyes unlike the smaller ones.

Bracelets made of wood, metal in different shapes like circles, triangles and rectangles are available now.

Broad belts worn with jeans,  skirts and frocks is the new fashion.  Butterflies and CD shaped buckles are a few choices.

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