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College of Defense Management

The government had recognized the importance of the scientific training after the war with the Pakistan in the year 1965. The Institute of Defense Management had paved the way for the things to happen in reality. This had been started in the year 1970 December 8. In the year 1980, it has been changed into the College of Defense Management.

National Staff College

The National Staff College is established in the Nilgiri hill areas. This is regarded as one of the ancient armed forces in the country. In the beginning, the college is established in the year 1905 at Devlali of Bombay under the name of the Army Staff College and in the year 1907 the college is shifted to Quetta and it is now in Pakistan. The Indian Department is shifted to the Wellington after the division of the state is completed.

National Defense University NDU

The National Defense University (NDA) of America is regarded as the first in the training sections for the soldiers. The first and the main campus of NDA is been arranged in the DC Fort of Licly in Washington. The officials are been sent to the National Defense University of Quetta in Pakistan.

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