Most of the companies are recruiting required candidates by Job Fairs | Things to be followed and not to be followed to succeed in a Job fairs

January 18th, 2011| Jobs.

Job fairMost of the companies are recruiting required candidates by Job Fairs | Things to be followed and not to be followed to succeed in a Job fairs

Many companies are recruiting candidates in Job Fairs to fulfill both the needs of publicity of the company and recruitment of eligible candidates. These are good opportunities for job seekers. But everyone may get the doubt that companies get something more than just publicity and employment.

Purpose of Job Fairs

The intension of many companies to hold Job Fairs is not only publicity and recruitment of eligible candidates. These two needs can be fulfilled by some other ways. It is not necessary for the company to enquire from field level for both these purposes. The companies can observe the natural attitude of the candidates with in less time by using Job Fairs. The company can express clearly about their requirement about qualification of the candidates and the types of posts they are offering. Some companies are also conducting Job Fairs to improve personal relationship with candidates. Most of the companies select the candidates by Primary, Normal and Complete interviews. A conversation for 2-3 minutes will be made with candidates at the time of collecting resume. Then filtered candidates will be called to discuss about the matter in resume of respective candidate for 5-10 minutes. And at last selected candidates after further filtering will be interviewed on the qualification, skills, experience and aims of the candidate for 15-20 minutes. But if the company wants candidates of certain qualifications, these steps may not be included in the process of selection.

Preparation to succeed in Job Fairs

Attitude: The resume should not be folded and kept in small envelops. It should be taken in a file. The candidate should prepare to express about self for one minute. Information about the companies participating in the Job Fair should be taken before. This preparation will reduce the confusion and increase the self confidence of the candidate. The attitude should not cause inconvenience to others. Clearly answer the questions while submitting resume asked by the representative of the company. And do not forget to ask any information that is needed from the representative.

Things not to do in a Job fair: Candidates should not attend Job Fairs with friends. It is not a good idea to attend Job Fair while it is coming to an end. The clothes should be formal and dignified.

Clarify doubts: Many companies give the opportunity to clarify any doubts about the company at the time of submitting resumes. These questions should not include salary packages and rules and regulations of the company. The candidates should enquire about training and responsibilities of the position offered and etc.

The first minute is essential: The conversation at the time of submitting resume is essential which moves the candidates to the next level. The introduction may be shorter but should be very clear. The information about qualification and intension to the respective job are enough. Along with skills and other qualities the information that we know about the company should also be expressed.