Competitions and specializations of Management courses

July 17th, 2010| Education.

Competitions and specializations of Management courses

There is a lot of change in the  industrial scenario, business trends and the services of the companies. The business schools offer programs depending on these trends.  Management schools are trying for an upper hand in the fields of faculty, international research and publication, collaboration with the industries, placements,   changes  in the study subjects etc.,  Specializations are  offered in accordance with the trends. Many specialization programs have come up like M.B.A General, H.R. Finance, Marketing, Production, Information  Technology /systems,

entrepruner ship  (specially designed for those who want to start their own business). Some more programs are….

· Retail Management

· Biotechnology management

· BPO management

· Pharma  management

· Banking ,  Insurance, Finance

· Aviation management

· Healthcare management

· Tourism management

· Hospitality management

· Telecom management

· Agribusiness management

· Insurance management

· Service management

Candidates who want to pursue their MBA should select a suitable specialization. The specializations mentioned above help the candidates in settling down in various industries.  Candidates should keep in mind their abilities, individuality and career goals before selecting a specialization.

Efficiency is crucial

Able managers are very important for any company in the present scenario, with the growing competition and changes.  Candidates should keep in mind the above things.  The priorities and abilities of the companies are always changing.  Communication, presentation, negotiation, leadership qualities has become outdated.  One should develop new abilities to excel in this career.

Business mindset

One should  not  go for a career in business management without

this   characteristic. Every project taken should be helpful   to the business in different forms.

Technical Knowledge:

Now –a- days  nothing can be done without technical support.  The status of the business is estimated   depending on the technology used.  Management  candidates    should   learn  Human resource management using  technology.  They should acquire new technical knowledge.

Net working:

The new business trend is to establish relations, continuing them and use those relations for  developing  the business.  Networking is necessary for growth in this career.  Personal relations, business network, global network comes under this.  One should think about using social networks and groups for the development of the business.  A network with    5000 members is not a big thing now-a-days.

Global mindset:

Every business is becoming global today.  Keeping this in mind everyone should have a good  understanding  of traditions of various countries, government rules, work culture, linking the teams etc.,