The concept of jeevandhara | Branded medicines available with 10 percent of MRP

November 7th, 2010| In India.

The concept of jeevandhara | Branded medicines available with 10 percent of MRP

The jeevandhara sanjivani pharmacy in the king George hospital in Vishakhapatnam is selling six lakh medicines every month. The daily collection never comes below Rs.25, 000 and they are selling popular twenty company medicines in the shop. There are 350 different types of medicines available and there are drugs related to 90% of the diseases. They sell the medicine of the branded companies like cipla, sun Pharm, natco etc.

The expenses of the treatment for a normal person are invested on the medicines up to 30% and the reason for this is the increase in the medicine prices. In order to protect the poor from this investment, the collector of the Visakhapatnam district and few others joined their hands to provide the medicines for the low prices. They had given the management of the jeevandhara sanjeevani to the people who running the policy with the name as jeevandhara and 75000 people are working in it. They had decided the shop at KGH hospital for this purpose for free and they will sell the medicines for the low prices with low profit.

For example, if the cipla company is providing the strip of ten tablets for Rs.1.65 to the distributor, the jeevandhara people will directly buy the strip from the company itself. The price on the strip is Rs.26 and the jeevandhara people sell it for Rs.2.50 with an 85p profit on every strip. They will manage these profits for the salaries of the employees and transportation charges.

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