October 3rd, 2011| In India.


The Partition of Bengal of 1905 left a profound impact on the political history ofIndia. This is the first Partition of congress. This partition is named as “Suratsplit”. It was on July 19, 1905 that Curzon went ahead with his partition plan. Within days, spontaneous protests were organized all overBengaland the boycott of British goods was started. The fundamental differences between moderates and extremists caused theSuratsplit.

During Curzon as viceroy his rule made people unsaturated.  Due toBengalsplit the people lost hopes on government. Congress senior leaders started questioning what the use of these limited rules is.

Later the disputes raised between moderates and extremists. During 1905 December Instead, the Congress leaders moved a resolution “most humbly and respectfully” welcoming the Prince and Princess. Those in the Subjects Committee disagreed. Then they kept the request when nationalists were not there.  Meetings were held all overIndiaagainst the British. The message of these meetings was clearly against British imperialism and that alarmed the “moderates” further. A group of prominent members of both communities met the Viceroy Lord Minto on 15 March 1907 with suggestions to put an end to communal violence and promote religious harmony between the two communities. During the period of 1906 the disputes increased between moderates and extremists. Moderates announced boycott among extremists. This lead to congress split. Bala gangadhar tilak is the leader of extremists. Moderates are under gopalaKrishnagokhale.

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