Construction of Green Buildings in India

September 16th, 2009| In India.

green buildingIn 2001, Jamshed Godrej came forward to build the Green Building. The government in that time alloted the place in Madhapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The famous Archetect Karan Gover is the creator of this Green building. This is the first construction which got the LEED Platinum Certificate. The area of Green buildings in 2003 is 20,000 sq.ft. Now the 27.5 crore sq.ft Green building constructions are going on in India. IGBC is planning to construct nearly 600 Green buildings. It requires 60,000 skilled people to do this job. But 6,000 skilled people are available now. This Green building concept should be developed at the students stage. There were only 5 Green building manufacturers in India, at the time of 1st Green building construction. Now it has reached to 100. Now 1,000 varieties of Green buildings are available in the market. This number may increase more in the future. Builders and developers are more interested in these constructions. It is most possible to construct these buildings with out government subsidies. Approximately  350 companies are ready to construct these buildings. Hyderabad can become as capital of Green buildings.

green building 1There should be special identification for the Green building which consumes less electrical power. There are 344 SEZs occupying 40,000 hectares. SEZ officers are discussing with IGBC to construct the SEZs with guidelines of Green building. Even the Indian government is also planning to construct their offices as Green buildings. In Australia lot of encouragement is there to construct Green buildings. It is the time to construct more and more Green buildings to minimize the radiation on the Earth.

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