Corporate companies employees find foreign assignments very useful for their career growth

September 2nd, 2010| In India.

Corporate companies  employees find foreign assignments very useful for their career growth

Business has no boundaries.  Link between financial systems of different countries is strengthening.  Companies are after trade opportunities outside their own country.  There is a demand for people with global mindset who have a fair knowledge of different cultures of different countries.  Recent recession has showed to the world that the financial systems of all the countries depend on each other.  Companies are also changing their base to the countries where technology, human resource and raw material are available at lower prices.  In this context, foreign assignments, which give exposure and helpful in the career are welcomed by the employees of corporate companies.  Some foreign assignments give the experience needed for the career growth.  One can mention this experience in the resume to get new and better opportunities.  New learning experience, new skills, talents can also be developed by working abroad.

Experts’ advice that one should think of the pros and cons before taking up a foreign assignment offered by a new company or a presently working company.  Do not think in monitory terms alone.  Think whether taking up the project would be of any help to the career in future.  Think about the future career goals.

Before taking up a foreign assignment, try to assess the business and finance position of that country.  Try to find the details like how far the company’s procedures are spread in that country and future expansion plans.  Try to gather information from the person who is already working there. Know about the learning experience, skills and talents that can be acquired by working in this country.  Learn about the cultures and traditions of that country.  Give a thought to the weather conditions of that country and whether you and your family can adjust there.

Finally discuss in detail the pay package, special allowance for working abroad, new skills which can be mentioned in the resume, duration of the project etc. Be prepared to stay there for at least 2 years.  Business trends at the own country also should be followed even when working abroad.  Have good contacts with the networks here. It gives a boost to your career.

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