Correction of Photo Voters electoral list – 2011 program in India | New voters can register names and corrections can also be made in the Correction of Photo Voters List program

Correction of Photo Voters electoral list – 2011 program in India | New voters can register names and corrections can also be made in the Correction of Photo Voters List program

Special photo voter’s list correction – 2011 is being carried out by the States of India in all the districts, as per the schedule approved by the Election Commission.  If any of the citizens of India do not have their name registered in the photo electoral list and if they do not possess the Photo Voter card, this is the best opportunity to register their names in the electoral list and to get the photo voter card.  People can register their names from 30th October, 2010 to 23rd November, 2010.

Applications and submission of applications

  • Application forms (6, 7, 8, & 8a) are available in the offices of District Sub-collector, Revenue Divisional Officer (Electoral Registration officer) or Tahasildar (Assistant Electoral Registration officer).  Residents of GHMC can get the application forms and submit the same at Deputy Commissioner (Municipal Office), Drop Box and Voter service centers.
  • Applications can be downloaded from eci. or www.
  • Cyclostyled, handwritten or privately printed forms can also be used in the legal format.
  • Polling booth level officers and agents meeting are going to be held on the special campaigning days (07th November, 2010, 13th November, 2010 and 21st November, 2010).  Applications are available at the polling station where the meeting is going to be held.  Applicants can submit their applications also here.
  • There is no rule that the printed forms given by the officers should be used.
  • Applications is large numbers is not accepted.
  • Form 6, 7, 8 and 8a should be submitted personally.
  • Applications of persons belonging to the same family can be submitted by a member of that family.

New voters
New voters should use Form-6 for registering their name in the electoral list. Persons, who completed 18 years of age by 1st January, 2011 can apply for the registration.  Two passport photos are to be submitted along with the application.  Birth certificate/School or college certificate/Affidavit from the parents is to be attached as an age proof.

Correction in the voters list
If a voter changes his residence or if a complaint is to be made regarding the death of a voter, Form-7 is to be used.  If any corrections are to be made to the list, use Form-8.  When a voter changes his residence and wants to change the address in the list he should use Form-8a.

  • Filled in application forms can be submitted on all working days from 10.30am to 5.00pm to the Electoral Registration Officer or in the notified centers. Applications can also be submitted personally or through post.
  • Drafted Photo Voters list is available in the related constituencies at the Sub-collector offices/Revenue Divisional Offices (Electoral Registration Officer) and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer for verification.
  • For any other assistance consult the offices of Collector/Revenue Divisional Officer or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.

Newly registered voters will be awarded on 25th January, 2011 (National Voters day) with Photo Voter Card and ECI logo badge. For further details visit www. ceoandhra.

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5 thoughts on “Correction of Photo Voters electoral list – 2011 program in India | New voters can register names and corrections can also be made in the Correction of Photo Voters List program”

  1. I have already applied for the voter ID , how could i come to know the status of my ID ?

    I also wanted to know how to get the ID to my hand ? i mean by which means , should i go to the
    election office or would they come and hand it over to me????

  2. i got my id card… but,photo had to changed on that card… how do add my photo to that card…

  3. Out of three applications two applications have been verified and the application in the name of P.Dhivya, Date of birth 14-123-2000 ,D/o ..Petchimuthu, Plot No-18 Venkateshnagar, NGO A Colony Extn,Perumalpuram is not traced out by the authorised offcial.This ommission occured in two occassions

  4. I challa sai priayatham applied for the voter id card in june 2010 at the campaign arranged at skpvv high school premises vijayawada. Till now, my name neither included in the voters list nor issued any voter id card. Myself made personal enqiry at vmc, vijayawada. But, in the website, it shows ” record with content already exist record not added to databse “.
    vmc, vijayawada told to apply for again. kindly enquire and arrange to issue voter id card for
    which I shall be thankful to you, sir.

    ………….. ……………………..

  5. My details in my Voter Card were wrong. Spelling mistakes in name. Just want to make corrections and want a new ID. My Voter ID number is IDE0223024. Please help me regarding this

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