Cost or prices of cosmetic surgeries in Hyderabad, India (Normal Clinic, Corporate hospitals)

December 8th, 2010| In India.

Cost or prices of cosmetic surgeries in Hyderabad, India (Normal Clinic, Corporate hospitals)

Earlier cosmetic surgeries used to cost lakhs of rupees and these were available only in corporate hospitals.  Now these are available in district head quarters also.

Surgery Common clinic in Rs. Corporate hospital in Rs.
Liposuction 35,000 70,000
Rhinoplasty 55,000 75,000
Tummy tuck 50,000 80,000
Breast surgery 65,000 1,00,000
Hair transplant 50,000 1,00,000
Wrinkle surgery 15,000 40,000

When a patient comes to a doctor for cosmetic surgery it is the responsibility of the doctor to create faith in the patients.  Experience of the doctor plays a major role in this.  Cosmetic surgeries will be increasing in the near future.  Self confidence of the youth will be increased with these.

Cosmetic Surgeries in Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh occupies third position in those states that have people who wish to enhance their beauty by undergoing corrective surgeries for birth defects.  A study by Indian Plastic Surgeons Association has revealed this.  First place is occupied by Delhi and second in the list is Chennai.  Hyderabad was the center of activity for cosmetic surgeries earlier but these are now conducted even at Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Guntur and Tirupathi.  It is estimated that at least 200 cosmetic surgeries are being conducted per day in Hyderabad.  Liposuction surgery occupies the first place in most popular surgery followed by breast reduction/enhancement.  Third is the hair implantation surgery.  Only corporate hospitals used to perform these surgeries but now even small plastic surgery centers are available.  As it is assured that there would be no side effects in the future due to these cosmetic surgeries, young girls to middle aged women are trying to lose their weight or have a perfect body shape with the help of these surgeries.

NRI patient’s destination is Hyderabad

Non-resident Indians who are settled in America and other countries are coming to Hyderabad for undergoing cosmetic surgery.  Any one of the above mentioned surgery will cost minimum Rs. 6 lakh in America.  NRI patients will have to spend Rs. 2 lakh for the same surgery in Hyderabad which includes to and fro flight charges.  10% of the total surgeries performed in Hyderabad are of NRI patients.  At least 500 – 600 NRI patients are undergoing various cosmetic surgeries in Hyderabad every month.  It is estimated that the number may increase considerably in the near future.