Cow Cola? Goloka Pey ?

September 7th, 2012| News.

Cow colaWe heard about Cocacola, Pepsicola. Then, what is this Cow Cola? There is no logic in this. This is a cool drink made with cow urine. The actual name of this col drink is Goloka Pey. Kanpur Goshala Society (KGS) is making this. It is made up of 5% Cow Urine, Tulasi, Brahmi, ShankhuPushpi. They are advertising that, instead of spoiling the health by drinking Cocacola, Pepsicola, it is better to  drink this Goloka Pey. Already they sold 500 bottles. This organisation is having 1800 cows in all over India. They are also making mosquito repellers, after shave lotion, phinoil, face pack etc with cow dung and cow urine. Don’t think that, who will buy all these. KGS marketed 2 crore value materials in the last year. Foreigners also buying this.

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