Critical illness rider….Uses

July 17th, 2010| Health.

Critical illness rider….Uses

The health insurance policies are the aids which help us in the time of costly treatment. These insurance policies are also providing the treatment for few diseases and this treatment is also not sufficient for the high cost treatment. So we should select the riders also along with the policies and then we can get the high cost treatment also. It is not sufficient to select the life insurance and health policies these days. We should get the extra services even the premium is more. We should get the riders attached to them with some extra premium. We can get some amount when we are taking the policy for the heart and kidneys treatment without the medical expenses.

A survey is conducted by the ICICI bank and very interesting facts are known. Most of the people are suffering from the heart, kidney, cancer and renal failure problems in the small age only. 30% of the people got the treatment for the coronary angiography between the ages 19 to 35. And 15% of the people of same age group are taking the treatment related to the cancer. And 31% of the people between 36-45 years are prone to critical illness and the people of 46-55 years age are joining in the hospitals for the heart related diseases. The number of women is more and the middle age people are suffering from many problems.

These factors are telling that we should select the critical illness rider along with the policies. When we select the policy, we should select the critical illness rider which is provided by the companies. So when the disease is detected, we can get the insurance money and the treatment will be easy. We should take the critical illness policy as early as possible because there will be medical tests for the people of above 45 years. We should neglect the health insurance policies as they may be costly in the future.

What are the uses?

When we select the critical illness riders along with the policies, they will help us when the duration of the policy is completed. Even though the duration is completed, we won’t get back the premium paid on the riders.

  • They won’t give the money every time in the treatment and if they give the amount once the validity of the rider is completed.
  • We can get the reductions on the amount paid on the rider under section 80C and 80D.