CST Examination Procedure | Different levels of CST exams and eligibility

December 5th, 2012| Education.

‘Centre for development of advanced computing and ….’ is the institute that works under the Central ministry for communications and information technology. It is the care of address for researches in technology field. Not only researches, it also encourages meritorious students, gives training in the software development and gives opportunity for higher education and employment also. In this context, it started Competence for Software Technology (CST) test. This has got a growing demand since its commencement in 1994. Mainly this exam is paving way for employment in IT companies based on merit and getting admission into PG or PG diploma courses in famous institutes. CDAC is giving preference for these exam aspirants in their recruitments. Students studying MCA, M.Tech and M.Sc and successfully completed this exam can have an opportunity of working on project work in CDAC with stipend. Having B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc, diploma certificates along with CST score will ensure the job in software companies. In this context, CST-2010 notification is released.

Eligibility for appearing for CST -2010 is three years B.Sc or Polytechnic diploma. This test is completed in objected type in four stages (E, I, D, G). E, I level test require only bachelor degree or diploma. For G level, optional subjects are also present along with specified subjects. Students should select any two optional subjects.

Examination Procedure

  • Every paper contains 25 multiple choice questions.
  • Duration – one hour.
  • Every correct answer carries three marks.
  • One mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.
  • Through CST, admission into full time post graduate diploma in Advanced Software Technology (F.P.G.D.S.T.) conducted by CDAC can be attained.
  • Number of seats: 100 seats in CDAC Navy Mumbai, 180 seats in CDAC Benguluru.
  • Course fee: Rs. 65, 000
  • Selection procedure: Admission is given based on the merit in aptitude test and computer concepts (computer organization and operating systems).  After the completion of the course, candidates will be appointed as senior technical associate or project associate in CDAC.
  • There will be employment opportunity for 200 to 300 software professionals (regular/temporary) in CDAC.
  • Table showing the different levels of CST exams and eligibility
Exam level Eligibility Paper/Paper code
E Any bachelor degree or any diploma (3 years duration) General aptitude (G.A.)

Computer concepts (C.C.)

I Any bachelor degree or any diploma (3 years duration) General Aptitude (G.A.)

Computer Concepts (C.C.)

C-Programming (C.P.)

D Along with any degree with computers/B.Sc computers, any computers course with duration of 6 months part time or 3 months full time. Data Structure and Algorithms (D.S.)

General Aptitude (G.A.)

Computer Organization and Operating systems (C.O.)

C programming (C.P.)

G Engineering with Computers, IT, Electronics, Telecommunication, Electrical, Instrumentation or MCA, M.Sc (computers or IT) or PGDST-FPGDST Optional Papers (O.P.)

Data Structure and Algorithms (D.S.)

General Aptitude (G.A.)

Computer organization and operating systems (O.C.)