Cultivation in Sea | Kappaphycus alvarezii cultivation is easiest for revenue

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Cultivation in Sea | Kappaphycus alvarezii cultivation is easiest for revenue

The completely agricultural process is well known to all the people. However, for them the blue ocean is the agricultural land. They cultivate the trees in them only. These crops are been cultivated and are exported. Another interesting issue is the product which is taken from those pants called as the Karegeenan is been used in the making of the cool drinks, chocolate milk, ice creams and jellies, tooth pastes, medicines, and in the beauty products. The name of this Sea Weed is KappaPycusAalwareghi. For the growth of these plants, the area should be very low and without any waves and then only the sunrays pass through the water and helps in the healthy growth of the plants. As the coastal regions are very favorable for this crop, there is a great demand for the land in Tamilnadu coastal areas. The areas like Rameshwaram, Thondi, Pudukottai, Tutikoran, and Kanyakumari and so on are famous for the crop. There is a great business going on with this crop every year. In our country chances are been made for growing the crop in the places like Vizag, Ongole and so on.

Sea Crops in 45 Days

The crop kappaphycus alvarezii belongs to the Red Alge sector. This is been used in the thickening of the jelling material as a sterilizing agent. The cultivation of this crop is very interesting. The four side’s rafts are used for the cultivation of this crop. The plant is been made into small pieces and are hanged to the stick as a wall hangings. Each one contains 20 hangings. For each ring around 4-5 kg of crop is been tied and is left in the ocean. In just 45 days, it grows into a big crop and increases to 35-40kg.

No investment for sea cultivation

Around 1500 people are depending on this process in the areas of Rameshwaram, Vedalayam and so on. Among those people, there are the farmers who are having 500 to 1000 rings. For each ring, it costs Rs.1000 and later on, the investment would not be that much. These crops do not have the need of giving the water and pesticides for healthy crop.

Kappaphycus alvarezii Raw plants Rs.2, Dried plants Rs.17

In the beginning, it is only the Pepsi Company used to purchase this crop. That is the reason why this plant is called as the Pepsi Paasi (Pepsi Nachu). But even other private companies are also purchasing these crops. The raw crops are purchased at Rs.2 per kg and the dried are paid Rs.17 per kg. to get one kg dried plants it needs 10 kg on raw plants.

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