Cyclone reasons | Cyclone naming

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Cyclone reasons | Cyclone naming

Reasons for formation of cyclones

There are no factors decided declared by the scientists, to be the causative factors of cyclones. Extensive research is being carried out on these cyclones. Oceanic water heating up for nearly 50kms, rapidly cooling weather, layers with moisture formed above the sea level at an altitude of 5kms, disturbed environment on the surface, winds moving in eastern direction are some of the reasons that help in the formation of cyclones.

Cyclones are named to recognize them easily

According to World Environment Organization, cyclones formed in India are also named. It helps in easy remembrance of those cyclones by the people. Countries belong to northern Indian Ocean region are naming the cyclones in order wise manner. Countries are Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The present cyclone is named as ‘laila’ by Pakistan.Name of the cyclone hitting India and Bangladesh in 2009 is ‘Ila’.