Dandia dance is becoming popular | Training is needed for Dandia dance

October 14th, 2010| In India.

Dandia dance is becoming popular | Training is needed for Dandia dance

All the women are coming forward to play the Dandia and the women of all ages are participating. They are wearing the gagras with kundans, mirrors and they are also wearing the jewellary. Men are also taking part in this dance and all of them go to the ground where they play Dandia. They move around themselves with the sticks in their hands and they play with each other. The people change their expressions according to the song of the goddess and move forward with rhythm of the song. There won’t be jumpings in the Dandia dance and the dance will go on slowly and rhythmically. They won’t be tired even if they dance for 4 hours continuously as the dace is done slowly and rhythmically. The youth are showing interest towards the remix music.

The people will place the idol of the goddess in a holy place and lit the lights which are decorated in a beautiful garbas. After that they keep separately designed garbas in their hands and dance around themselves and in a circle by rotating the garbas.

Decorations in Dandia:
They apply red, gold, white and silver colors on the pots and decorate it with beads, shells and mirrors. They place the lamp in it and they light the candle while dancing.

Invitation for Dandia:
The people will invite the goddess on 9 days of celebrations with different types of Dandia dances.  The Gujarathis will pray goddess Durga while the Rajisthani people will pray lord Krishna. The Bengalis pray Kali Matha.

Dandia Training is needed:
It is very easy to dance for the songs in the movies but training is required for Dandia dance in which people should dance with hundreds of them. There will be special steps and the main part of the dance is to rotate around them. The rotation of the Dandia sticks is an art and it will be a problem if they step forward in a wrong way. So they will give training for Dandia before the festival and by participating in Dandia, they won’t have stage fear and they enjoy the dance.

Dandia Competitions:
There will also be prizes in the Dandia dance along with enjoyment. The management will give the prizes for the best Dandia, best couple, best mom and kid who play Dandia continuously and there will be prizes for best dress, anklets, garb, kanga, dance step and bindi. They will consider the small things like co-ordination between the couple while deciding the prize.

Women special Dandia:
The dances will take place in the nights and many women won’t participate during nights and they won’t be ready to go out at night. There are separate programs for those women in the afternoon and for those who feel shy to come forward and dance with their partner in front of others.

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