‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ Specs & Features | ‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ Price & Pictures

December 18th, 2012| News, Prices.

‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ Specs & Features : Dell one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of laptops launched a new desktop under the brand name �Inspiron One 19�.
DELL inspiron-one-19-1
The special feature of this ‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ desktop is that it is fitted into a small space and also had touch screen facility along with multi touch user interface facility.
DELL inspiron-one-19-2
The use of this feature is three to four persons can do the work in the computer at a time.
DELL inspiron-one-19-3
‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ works based on the Microsoft Windows 7 touch operating system with 2.2GHz Intel core2 dual processor.
DELL inspiron-one-19-4
‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ has 750 Giga bytes of storage capacity and had 18.5 inches of High definition display screen with 3GB RAM 8 in 1 media cord reader and also with adjustable monitor stand.
DELL inspiron-one-19-5
‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ Price : This amazing and stylish ‘DELL-Inspiron One 19’ desktop costs 499 pounds where in our currency the price is Rs.37, 872.