Details of education in Australia | Admissions details, Tests to be written for studying in Australia

December 2nd, 2010| Education.

Details of education in Australia | Admissions details, Tests to be written for studying in Australia

Australia is the best choice for education even though there are security problems. Indians are scared when they hear of Australia but it is the next country which stands after America and Britain for higher studies. The number of people taking VISA for the higher education in Australia had reduced this year. There are Australian education policies in Indian education and the degrees given by Australian universities are recognized with association of Indian universities. By the end of June, 2010, the number of Indians in Australia is 78000 and 19000 people among them are doing their higher studies. There are students who are doing their PG and Doctoral programs. Indian students are mostly taking the courses like management and commerce, society and culture, IT and engineering related courses.

The admissions to Australian institutions are done twice in a year and they are done in February and July. They can get the details of the course in the university handbook. They should start the preparation from six months before itself. It is taking twelve weeks to get the student Visa in the present scenario.

Students require clearing some tests and few universities are asking the GMAT score to take the admission in to MBA course. There is no need of GRE and SAT score and they need to write the IELTS for the student Visa. TOEFL score is not helpful to the Visa. The score in the English language vary on the basis of the institution and they should check the score accordingly. To get the Visa, the universities are asking for good IELTS score. They can also apply for other courses if the score is less than the required one. The students should complete the English language intensive courses for overseas program before the actual course. So they can get the efficiency in the English language as required for various organizations. The fee for this test is 7200 Australian dollars.

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