Details of major events involved in Ayodhya, Rama Janmabhoomi and Babri Masjid History on AYODHYA Judgment day

September 30th, 2010| In India.

Details of major events involved in Ayodhya, Rama Janmabhoomi and Babri Masjid History on AYODHYA Judgment day
Ayodhya……it is ‘Ramajanmabhoomi’ for Hindus, ‘Babri Masid’ for Muslims and in the view of court of law, it is disputed land. Following are the details of Ayodhya , which stood as witness for religious harmony and tolerance in India, since many generations.

In the third decade of 16th century, Moghul emperor Babar has defeated Chitodgadh King Rana Sangram in the battle at Sikri. According to Hindus, in the year 1528, Babar has destroyed Lord Rama’s temple in Ayodhya and has build Babri Masjid in its place. Let us know about the major historical events pertaining to this case.

1528AD: Construction of Masjid in the presently called disputed land.

1853 AD:  Religious agitations for the first time in the place of disputed land.

1859 AD: Arrangement of fencing for differentiating praying places of two religions. Possession of inner space by Muslims and outer premises by Hindus.

1949 AD: Muslims accuse Hindus for placing Lord Rama’s  idol inside Masjid. Both the parties coming to the rescue of court of law. Government has announced it as disputed land and has locked it.

1950 January 18th: First petition on property rights. Court has allowed worship to the idols present in ‘Aasthan Janmabhoomi’.

1959: Third petition by ‘Nirmohi Akhaara’ demanding possession on the land.

1961, December 18th: UP Sunni WAKF Board comes to the rescue of court asking possession of the masjid and its nearby area.

1986: With the petition filed by Hari Shankar Dube, district court has ordered to open masjid gates for ‘Darshan’. Formation of Babri Masjid Action Committee.

1989: Petition filed in Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court by former president of VHP, Devakinandan Agarwal asking the possession of the land. VHP has laid foundations for the construction of Lord Rama’s temple, nearby Masjid.

1990: Partial destruction of Masjid by VHP activists.

1992 December 6th: Complete destruction of Masjid. More than 2,000 people have lost their lives in the religious agitations across the country. Formation of Justice Liberhan Committee on this issue, on 16th of the same month.

2002: High Court orders archeological department to conduct diggings for find any traces of presence of temple in the disputed land.

2003 January: ASI starts diggings and confirmed the presence of temple. Muslims disagree with the results.

2005 July: Attack of Islamic militants on the disputed land. Security forces have killed five of them.

2009 June: Submission of report of Liberhan Commission after extension of last date by 48 times.

2010 July 26th: High court completes hearing. Final judgment to be announced on September 24th.

2010 September 17th: High court overrules the petition filed by a Ramachandra Tripathi to sustain the judgment.

2010 September 21st: Tripathi challenges the decision of High court in Supreme Court.

2010 September 23rd: Differences in the opinions of Justice RV Ravindran, Justice HL Gokhale. They  are the judges who heard this case. Notices sent to plaintiffs involved in the case.

2010 September 28th: Supreme court overrules the petition filed by Tripathi. Way for judgment on 30th September has got cleared of obstacles.