Details regarding Milkechalo | How to join Milkechalo online?

January 28th, 2011| How To.

Details regarding Milkechalo | How to join Milkechalo online?
Milkechalo means ‘Go United’. This is also a similar website as that of Ridemates. There is a story behind this website formation. A charted accountant named Ganesh Sharma has to travel to his office at Begumpet from his home at Tirumalagiri. Daily he used to get troubled with traffic jam. He used to think its better to give a solution to this problem. His son who goes to college on bike used to take money for petrol from his father everyday. He doesn’t used to ask some days. Then Ganesh Sharma asked his son that how he could go without money. Then his son told that he used to take his friend along with him on bike to college and sometimes his friend used to spend for petrol. From that answer of his son, Ganesh Sharma got an idea and that lead to birth of website ‘Milkechalo’.

How to join Milkechalo website

Go to the website www. and register your email, phone number and other details. We can also mention where we have to travel daily  from which area also. For example a person has to travel from Dilsukangar to his office in Jubilee hills. If those details are enrolled in website, then people who also have to travel in that route will contact that person and can accompany him during journey. Money that has to be charged on other people depends on the enrolled person.