Dhoni income Vs SachinTendulkar income

Dhoni income Vs SachinTendulkar income

Dhoni income Vs SachinTendulkar income

Sachin tendulkar entered the test cricket in 1987 and dhoni was 8 years at that time. Dhoni used to admire him and at the age of 15, he became Indian cricket team captain and sachin played in his team. Dhoni is earning more than sachin and after T20 world cup in 2007, dhoni mania had increased in India. Dhoni is the costliest player in IPL and as brand ambedessor, he is earning more than sachin.

Sachin tendulkar Mahendra singh dhoni
Endorsements – Rs.35 crores Endorsements – Rs.37 crores
IPL – Rs.5.1 crores IPL – Rs.7 crores
Cricket match fee – Rs.43.6 crores Cricket match fee – Rs.75.6 crores

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3 thoughts on “Dhoni income Vs SachinTendulkar income”

  1. A man who is second richest player in the world wants tax relief for his sports car gifted by Michael shumaker…hmmmmmmm

  2. it’s time of dhoni to earn money sachin done this all thing in the past whatever dhoni doing with team.
    in the last dhoni is present team captain yaar.
    we should not compaire both of them bcoz both are tiger of their field

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