Dhoni is No.1 in World’s Top Richest Cricketers

September 7th, 2009| News.

world top 10 rich cricketer listIndian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the richest cricketer in the world for this year 2009. Dhoni got the first place in the Forbes top 10 rich cricketers. Dhoni earned 10 millions dollars in this year. So, Dhoni crossed the revenue of Sachin Tendulkar, which is 8 millions. Sachin got second place in that Forbes top 10 rich cricketer list. Yuvaraj got 3 place by earning 5.5 million dollars, and Rahul Dravid got 4th place by earning 5 millions. This list is prepared by taking the account of last 12 months revenues from clubs & National Boards, remunerations of advertisements. Except Michale Clark all other members of top 10 list are benificiated with IPL revenue. Dhoni earned 2 millions from IPL, and the 8 millions are earned from advertisements. Compared to others Mr.Dhoni is earning 45% extra income from advertisements (17 Corporate Sponcers)

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