Different types of wedding cards used by celebrities and business tycoons | Novel ideas in designing wedding cards to make it a memorable one for lifetime

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Different types of wedding cards used by celebrities and business tycoons | Novel ideas in designing wedding cards to make it a memorable one for lifetime

Wedding card is a sweet memory of a beautiful wedding. Invitation card is an important part in the wedding procedure.  Lack of time is bringing lots of changes in the process of wedding, but wedding card is being designed in new concepts.

Many people still feel that invitation cards should be sent to friends and relatives at least ten days before marriage.  There may be other means of inviting people like cell phones and SMSs.  But invitations card is important for a marriage.

Everybody wants their invitation card to be unique.  But now the number of people who think only of the show of the card is increasing.  Wedding cards are now designed on various papers like Banana Fiber, Imported silk, Metallic, Cardstock, Tissue, velvet and transparent.  Importance is given to the shape of the card.  Various shapes like round, rectangle, palm leaf, leaf and ribbon are a hit with the customers.  Traditions and modernism are mixed to get an ethnic look.  Various phases in a marriage like talambraalu, jeelakarra bellam or the photos of the bride and bridegroom are being printed on the card.  Crystal or metal statue of Lord Ganesha is attached to the card.

Cards are now designed by the Artists, the matter in the card is being written by the professionals in advertisement field and they are being printed on branded machines.  These wedding cards are distributed with a unique brand image.  Not only is that, these cards are kept in a cardboard or wooden designer boxes.  These boxes sometimes may contain some articles like watches to remember the marriage forever.  Some people are giving dyers, bags, channel perfumes, makeup kits,  kumkuma bharina or designer saris as marriage gifts. Photo calendars or a favorite book are the other options.

Costliest invitation

Lakshmi Mittal has sent 20 pages invitation card to his daughter’s marriage in a silver box along with a diamond watch and a golden necklace.  Of course, there are rumors that these were sent to the family members and very important person.

The marriage invitation of Aishwarya,  Abhishek was also in news.  The invitation card was designed like a golden box which contained two more boxes in it.  This card was given to about 100 invitees.  The first box contained the card; the second box had 24 sweets and Swiss chocolates.  The third box contained a small Ganesh statue.  ‘AA’ English letters were embossed in white gold on the card.  Second page of the card contained the picture of Ganesh  and third page contained  poetry of Harivansh rai Bachan.  Remaining pages had traditional writings.

Not only celebrities and business tycoons but all the rich people are displaying their wealth in weddings as well as in cards. Wedding cards are designed with Velvet cloth, attached to the carved wood sticks resembling the letters sent by the kings in olden days.   These can be rolled and kept in boxes.  There are also people who attach small ornaments to the card.

Some VVIP invitation cards contain escort cards also.  That means the seat number of the guest is also indicated in it.  Their names will be written on the table.  Some people are spending more on the cards than on the wedding dresses of the bride and bridegroom.

Cards given to friends and colleagues are designed simply with some witty jokes or heart touching poetry.  Some people are posting CDs thinking that wedding invitations are old fashion.  These CDs contain the photos of the bride and bride groom and the venue of the wedding.  The viewer of the CD could see the host in the video and so can feel that they are being personally invited.

People who do not want to spend much on cards can design their own cards with the help of various software.  They can go to the sites like www. hooverwebdesign.com and design the invitation cards.  Money can be saved if the print outs of the cards are taken.  Web or e-mail invitations are also another option.  Design the card in the web, copy it and mail it.  Or send video files.  There are websites for these purposes.

After sending invitations we expect that all the invitees will attend the function.  But in western countries reply cards are attached to the wedding cards.  These reply cards contain objective model questions like how many people from that house will attend the marriage and what are their food requirements.  Making arrangements is easy this way.  Therefore their wedding cards are planned a couple months before actual weddings.

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