Diwali in metro cities of India | Different traditions and celebration methods followed on Diwali in Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi

November 4th, 2010| In India.

Diwali in metro cities of India | Different traditions and celebration methods followed on Diwali in Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi


Diwali festival which is believed to bring happiness and prosperity is celebrated grandly across India. On this festive day, celebrations will be high at metro cities where hi-tech arrangements and modern facilities are present. Different kinds of crackers attractive in colors and shapes will be treat for viewers. Lakshmi puja, delicious sweets and exchanging gifts…..all contribute to the happiness and celebrations on this festival. Let us see different traditions and celebrations in metro cities of India.

Five days celebrations’in Chennai
Celebrations will be carried out for five days under the names Dhanteras,  Naraka Chaturdasi, Deepawali, Govardhana pooja and Bhratri Dhooj. Distributing south Indian delicacies and sweets is specialty here. All the family member wear new  dresses and perform Lakshmi pooja with devotion. Gold will be purchased more. It  is a tradition to buy silk clothes for this festival.

Colorful Bengaluru
Clay lamps which are mould in beautiful shapes and colors full electric lamps can be seen decorated in Bengaluru city. Every house will be decorated  by ‘thoranaalu’ which have images of Lakshmi and Ganapati. It an age old tradition to paint colorful ‘Rangoli’ in front of houses and business centers as an invitation to Goddess Lakshmi.

Diwali celebrations in Mumbai
Diwali celebrations will be done along with friends and children in every home. House warming celebrations, using new vehicles and wearing new clothes are few of the traditions seen here as a part of diwali celebrations. Household items and appliances such as refrigerators, television sets, air coolers, furniture and others are bought on this day. Cows are decorated specially and pujas are performed to them. It is very much interesting to  see elders, ladies and children to dance in Yama Deep dance.

Market melas in Delhi
Diwali celebrations are done  on a large scale in the capital city, Delhi. Melas will be conducted in major markets. Special offers will be announced to attract customers. Dry fruits, sweets and silver coins will be gifted to friends and beloved ones. A special feature is seen in this city. Idols and toys that depict the mythological story of Ramayana, will be arranged at the corner of every street. It is called ‘Ramleela’. Wives would be performing special pujas for improvement of live span of their respective husbands and will be giving Nivali (Haarati) to them.

Special celebrations in Kolkata
Deepawali celebrations will be started with Kaali Puja. Sales of ornaments and gold items would be double on Dhan Trayodasi than in normal days. Deepawali is believed to be good day for taking new decisions and for new investments. Govardhana Puja will be conducted grandly by the name, Bhai dooj. In order to symbolize the victory of good over bad, crackers are burnt. Sales of crackers will cross Crores of rupees.

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