Does Himalayas Melt?

Does Himalayas Melt?
The issue of Himalayas getting melted by the year 2035 which is declared by the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2007 has become a hot cake in the country. This issue came into light because the mails of the scientists are hacked in Britain pave the way for many issues. The emails which consisted the matter of this Himalayas issues are also there in the hacked mails. According to those mails it is said that around one lakh square kilometers of Himalayas get melted by the year 2035. IPCC stated that it is the Himalayas that get melted very quickly on the earth. This statement stood as a symbol for the 2005 World Wild Life Fund statement but it is exciting factor that the statement of the year 1999 which is given by a scientist is been printed in the magazine. It was also mentioned that all the statements that are stated in the magazine are imaginations but not based on the reality. The scientist who stated this statement is working in the Energy and Resources Institute in Delhi.

Some scientists in the Trent University did not agree with the statement that is given by the IPCC that Himalayas gets melted faster and those scientists are experts in studying about the process of Himalayas. It was also said that the statement about Himalayas getting melted had no proof at all and so it is a fake statement. There is another statement that Himalayas melted 135 meters from 1845 and based on this statement if it is said that the Himalayas get melted completely by the year 2035 is not at all correct. The nature scientists mentioned that if proper measures are not taken to protect Himalayas the statement that Himalayas get melted becomes true.

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