Duranto Specialities | Best features of Duranto train

Duranto Specialities | Best features of Duranto train

Railway Ministry has introduced non stop express rails that will run between major cities of India, in the last budget. These non stop express rails are termed as Duranto, which means speed in Bengali. While 12 durantos are introduced in the nation, one duranto express sanctioned to Andhra Pradesh is initiated on 15th March between Secunderabad and Hazrath Nizamuddin (Delhi). Its specialties are…

  • Attractive design with qualitative vinyl wrap in yellow and green colors on the outer surface.
  • It runs at a speed of 130 kmph. Usage of stainless steel has lessened the weight of the bogies to much greater level. Length of the coach is 2 meters longer than the ordinary ones. As a result, number of berths also increased.
  • Auto closing vestibule door arranged to the coaches will prevent the spreading of the fire in cases of any fire accident.
  • There are no halt stops once it starts at Secunderabad. For the technical reasons, it takes break at Balharshah, Nagpur, Itarsi, Jhansi stations.
  • Only senior citizens can avail discounts in the fare. Tatkal is not applicable for this train. Medical facility is available in case of emergency.
  • There will be four classes as like other expresses. It reaches destination faster than Rajdhani express. It departs from Secunderabad at 1.30 pm on Sundays and Thursdays.

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  1. Sir i am an army soldier. We receive concession voucher for travelling by train in all over india from one end to another end. So we travel a long journey. Which is suitable by duranto train but our concession voucher is not valid for travelling in train while we use it in RAJDHANI AND SHATABDI. So please take a necessary action in favour of army soldier who live very far away from their home. As a tamil is posted at JAMMU THEN HE CAN TRAVEL IN TWO TRAIN WITHOUT Any disturb.

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