Durgam Jeans – Jeans industry of Rayadurgam, AP | Famous jeans industry of Rayadurgam is livelihood for thousands

August 5th, 2010| In India.

Durgam Jeans – Jeans industry of Rayadurgam, AP | Famous jeans industry of Rayadurgam is  livelihood for thousands

Durgam Jeans

Durgam Jeans

Rayadurgam of Ananthapuram district is famous for jeans products all over the state.  These jeans got a favorable reception from the young generations as these are not very expensive and are in no way inferior to branded designs.  These are famous in cities as well as in other states also.  Even in conditions like severe famine and recession ‘Durgam’ jeans industry is flourishing.   This industry brought a special recognition to Rayadurgam.  It has become a livelihood for thousands of families with crores of turnover per year.

Durgam jeans have started its journey in 1969. Raw material was brought from Bellary in the initial stages.  The industry has developed above anybody’s expectations.  Presently they are purchasing raw material from Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Surat.  Nearly 200 garment manufacturing units are situated here.  In every unit around 50 expertise labor is working.

Indirect means of livelihood for thousands

In villages around the Rayadurgam town nearly 17,000 labors depend on this industry.  The proprietors of the garment units, cut the jeans material in required designs and hand it over to these labor.  These labors stitch the pants and get Rs.10 rupees for it.  Each labor stitches 10 to 15 pants per day.

The jeans have to be washed in the next stage.  There are special washing units for this.  Color is laid according to the designs.  There are 6 colors in total.  In the final stage these are ironed and labels are stitched.  Nearly 2 lakh pants are manufactured here per day.

200 Brands

Proprietor of every garment unit manufactures the jeans under a brand.  200 brands like Wellman, Abrose, KB, UBS etc are available here.  These are designed as per the requirement of the customers.  They get orders from Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi.  Estimated turnover of this industry is Rs. 500 Crore.

New designs using computer

This industry is flourishing because these jeans are made available at lower prices and designed to attract the customers.  They are using modern technology also to be in the race with branded designs.  There are 6 computer embroidery design centers here.  Embroidery is being done on the jeans.  Banks are also offering loans to these units.

The price of the jeans pants ranges from Rs.250 to Rs.500 depending on the models.  There is an increase in the raw material. So the price of these jeans pants are also has to be increased. Facing many hurdles Rayadurgam jeans are becoming means of livelihood for thousands of people.

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