Dussehra 2009 celebrations in India

September 19th, 2009| News.

Dussehra_Celebrations in IndiaDussehra or Dasara is the festival of victory. Most Indian feel Dasara or Vijaya dasami as the most auspicious day for beginning a new venture like opening new retail shop, starting of new business. Dussehra falls on the Dasami ( 10th day) of Aswin ( Aswayuj) month of Hindu calendar. Dussehra usually comes in the month of September or October. Dussehra 2009 is celebrated on 28th of September 2009.

Dussehra is celebrated from ten preceding days of Dussehra. Dussehra 2009 celebrations start from 18th of September 2009 and last till 28th of September 2009 the day of dussehra.   Schools and colleges are given vacation during Dussehra celebrations. Dussehra consists of Durgastami (8th day), Navratri (9th day) and Vijaya dasami.

On Durgastami day,   Ayudha Pooja ( worship for weapons/ tools) is performed. Durgastami 2009 falls on 26th September 2009. Pooja is performed for vehicles by individuals, agricultural implements are worshipped by farmers and pooja is performed for machinery in the factories by industrialists and industrial workers and sweets are distributed.

Bommala koluvu  is organized by women and children on Navratri day. In modern day the cities are lit with lights for 10 days.   There will be hectic shopping activity during dasara celebrations through out India. New vehicles / consumer goods are bought by individual during the period of dasara in india. Retailers expect good business during this period.

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